Accutane – The Best Solution for Acne

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Accutane That Accutane is the best solution for acne is a fact that numerous takers of the drug can attest to. It is definitely a very potent drug and highly effective in eradicating breakouts and some other blemishes.

This medication is taken by mouth. It is first and foremost recommended and prescribed to cure grave cases of acne. They say it is a form of Vitamin A that acts to decrease the amount of oil emitted by the oil glands on the skin.

The drug facilitates skin renewal and this occurs on the skin more rapidly.

Uses of Accutane

The solution is also used for a number of other purposes not indicated in the medication instructional sheet that comes along with the drug. This medication is used to manage acute cases of nodular acne.

The drug is typically administered following attempts to try out some other acne medications and antibiotics. When these drugs were tried and were found to be ineffective in treating the discomforting symptoms, the last resort has always been Accutane.

Common dosage recommended to Accutane users

This drug is sold in the form of a pill. Hence, it is given by mouth and the common dosage is in the quantity of 0.5 milligrams to 1.0 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day. The dosage of the pills given to clients is recommended to be taken with meals.

A usual cycle of medication is taken between fifteen and twenty weeks. Physicians do not advise that the drug be administered once a day on a regular basis.

The reason for this is that usage of too much doses of this medication into the systems of the body can result to unfavorable outcomes. Majority of the patients divide their dosage in half and take the medications twice daily.

Missed Accutane dose

When a patient has missed a dose of Accutane, he or she has to omit the missed dose and take the medication during the following regularly arranged schedule. It is definitely not advised to administer additional medication to make up for the missed dose.

Overdose of the drug

If ever, too much of Accutane had been given to a patient, it is imperative for him or her to be assessed by a medical practitioner to be administered prompt medical intervention.

Signs and symptoms of an overdose of Accutane may include an unsettled stomach that leads to vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, dizzy spells, and headache. With other patients, the lips begin to swell while some may report a tingling sensation under the skin. Also, the patient’s coordination and balance may be affected.

Anyhow, the fact remains that Accutane currently assists a lot of people who have been enduring their health problem and discomfort for so long.

Presenting evidence lately to a government committee for health, a renowned physician documented that thirty percent of patients with acne problems continued until adulthood. If these people had been given the drug Accutane by their healthcare providers, the problem may have been resolved early on.