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Retin-A Cream

Retin-A cream, Tretinoin, Generic Renova

Retin A is a new medication for treatment of different skin diseases. Retin A is vitamin A derivative. Medications containing vitamin A have always given good results and removed numerous skin defects as this vitamin is one of the main vitamins and restores natural beautiful of skin.

Retin A is often used for treatment of acne, wrinkles, warts and other defects of the skin. The results received at the end of the treatment are positive and this gives a confidence in effective action of Retin A.

Retin A is a strong, not expensive and good resulting medicine. Retin A has a mild effect on the skin and there are no problems later on and the side effects do not occur. Using Retin A you will be calm and will not think of any consequences. Retin A is available in almost all countries in the world and no prescription Retin A can be used by all people without exception.


Retin A is prescribed by your doctor and the usage of the drug should be under the control of the doctor. The doctor will prescribe you the right prescription and dosage of the drug. The use of Retin A without prescription is not advisable as you should know exactly how to take it and its action. However, you can both buy Retin A, and use Retin A without prescription.

Retin A is released on the form of gel, cream, and solution for external use. Retin A should be taken once a day before going to bed. Apply a thin layer of the medication to the skin and leave for about 6 hours. Then rinse it with warm water

A can be also used 2 times a day in case of severe forms and for a short period of time. Your doctor will give you all directions.

Before using the drug it can be applied to the skin for 30 minutes in order to check the reaction of the body and avoid redness.

The duration of the treatment depends on the reaction to the treatment and also the severity of disease. Usually result of Retin A occurs in 6-8 weeks but different cases may happen.


Retin A is used for treatment of severe forms of acne and warts, and also the treatment of the harmful effect of sunrays on the skin.

Retin A acts quickly and effectively. While using Retin A the peeling of the skin occurs. Retin A also inhibits the development of a gene which changes the production of protein.

Retin A accelerates the maturation of the skin cells which open the outflow of sebaceous gland and therefore there is no inflammatory process, and acne and pustules do not appear. This helps to prevent the first symptoms of acne. And the appeared acne is treated easily as peeled skin and the drugs action help to open pores and get rid of acne.


The usage of Retin A is prohibited under certain contraindications and skin violations. Retin A should not be used if you have allergy to this drug, or acute inflammation of the skin, wounds, burns, and dermatitis. Consult the doctor and you will get the directions of use.

The side effects of Retin A are almost absent, and so the medication is totally safe for human. The only thing which may occur is the allergic reaction at the beginning of the drug usage. The allergy includes rash, itch, and redness of the skin and appearance of blisters. But all these side effects quickly pass away.


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