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Important Consumer Information about Accutane

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Isotretinoin more popularly known through its brand name Accutane is a popular acne treatment product that reduces oil on the skin.

Known to be a very effective treatment for nodular acne, Accutane is a favorite among many dermatologists. Before taking this medication however, there are a few things you should know.

It is interesting to note that the drug was first developed for life-threatening diseases such as tumors in the brain and pancreatic cancer. It is also given to individuals who suffer from harlequin-type ichthyosis. Isotretinoin is a retinoid and since this is a form of vitamin A, it is found in the human body in small amounts.

One has to keep in mind though that although the drug is very effective in treating acne, there are certain side effects to watch out for including one that involves women of reproductive age and women who are currently pregnant.Aside from these, isotretinoin is deemed safe for use.

Isotretinoin treats cystic acne and is also used for other types of acne especially when they no longer respond to other drugs. Those who have a negative reaction to parabens should never take the drug. It is also advised that you talk to your doctor first about your family history to see if you are eligible to take isotretinoin. Persons with a family history of heart disease, mental illness or any type of depression, bone problems such as osteoporosis, intestinal disorders, ulcers, asthma, liver ailments and eating disorders should not take the medication.

To ensure that the drug is not causing any effects that are harmful to the body be it a minor allergic reaction or a more serious problem, you should take isotretinoin in exact doses as prescribed by your physician. Doing otherwise will not do you any good and might even cause more damage to your skin.

Whenever taking the drug, drinking a full glass of water is advisable to ensure that the medication does not melt in the food pipe. Whenever this happens, irritation in your esophageal area may occur. It is also not advisable to check or suck on isotretinoin. Doctors also advise that you take the drug with either food or milk during the entire length of taking the medication.

One interesting effect of Accutane is that your acne may seem to worsen at first. You can be sure however that this is Accutane's sign of treating acne.